The Dark Lady Rises…

ambereley bookAmberley Publishing has released, The Dark Lady: The Woman Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays in the UK, and it will be available in the US for purchase from Casemate Publishers at the end of the month!

John Hudson, who is the author of The Dark Lady: The Woman Who Wrote Shakespeare’s Plays is a Shakespeare director as well! He teaches advanced and experimental Shakespeare to actors at H.B. Studios, and directs one of the world’s most innovative Shakespeare companies, the Dark Lady Players, in New York City.

This weekend, The New Perspectives Theater Company presents “The Dark Lady Rises: A Festival.” This will be a weekend of revolutionary performances and conversations by the Dark Lady Players celebrating Amelia Bassano Lanier, the first woman in England to publish a book of original poetry—and the true author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare. See below for an itinerary of the festival, and make sure to check it out if you are in NYC this weekend!

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Family Tree Friday!

Are you a genealogy enthusiast or perhaps a family historian? Do you enjoy researching about your ancestors, or are you someone just looking to get started? Pen & Sword Books publishes a great series entitled Tracing your Ancestors that can guide you through all your research. Check out the following titles within the series to get started! They are available in both print and digital formats!

 Tracing your Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

9781844686759This accessible, well-organized, easy-to-use beginners’ guide to the world of family history is essential reading for anyone who wants to find their way into this fascinating subject. In a series of short, practical chapters Simon Fowler takes readers through all the first steps that will reveal the lives of their ancestors and the world they lived in.

Tracing your Tank Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

9781844686643 If you want to find out about the career of a soldier who served in tanks, are researching medals awarded to a tank crew member or just want to know more about a particular regiment squadron or operation, this book will point you in the right direction.

Tracing your Labour Movement Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians 

9781844686834If you want to find out about the life of an ancestor who was active in the labor movement or was a union member, this handbook will be a fascinating introduction to the subject. Mark Crail provides a graphic and authoritative account of the history of the labor movement in Britain from the early nineteenth century to the modern day.

Tracing your Criminal Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians

 9781844686803Did you have a criminal in the family, an ancestor who was caught on the wrong side of the law? If you have ever had any suspicions about the illicit activities of your relatives, or are fascinated by the history of crime and punishment, this is the book for you.

Food Friday: Cheese Pudding

9781906502898 For this weeks Food Friday, we have a delicious recipe from Grub Street Publishing’s fantastic cookbook Marguerite Patten’s Best British Dishes.

In this book, Marguerite covers traditional  breakfasts, to high teas, from roasts to hearty soups – a collection of over 400 of her favorite recipes that show the enormous and exciting variety of British produce and cooking.

You can purchase your own copy of Marguerite Patten’s Best British Dishes here.  The eBook is also available from all major retailers.

Try out the recipe below for your next meal. It’s sure to be a family favorite!

Cheese Pudding
Cooking time: 30 Minutes • Serves 4 

This could be described as a homely version of a soufflé, for the mixture rises well and is light in texture. Choose a mature cheese to give the maximum flavor. Do not over-cook the pudding, it should be pleasantly soft and moist.

1 1/4 cups milk
3 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups white breadcrumbs
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon English mustard
1/3 lb Cheddar, Cheshire, or Lancashire cheese
2/3 cup single cream
3 eggs

Heat the milk in a saucepan with the butter. Remove from the heat, add the breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and mustard. Cover and allow to stand for 30 minutes.

Finely grate the cheese. Preheat the oven to 375°F. Grease a 2 pint soufflé or pie dish.

Beat the cream with the eggs and strain into the breadcrumb mixture. Add the cheese. Spoon the mixture into the dish and bake for 30 minutes or until well risen and golden brown. Serve at once.

Flan Photo

Happy Birthday to Paul Cézanne

Paul Cézanne was born today in 1839. A french post-impressionist painter, Cézanne is said to have formed the bridge between late 19th century Impressionism and the early 20th century’s new line of artistic inquiry, Cubism.


In celebration of Paul Cézanne’s Birthday, we have created a Pinterest board to celebrate the works and quotes from this great artist. Make sure to take a look at it here.

Paul Holberton Publishing has also released two fantastic publications that examine the works and influence Cézanne had on the art world.

9781907372117Cézanne’s Card Players
Barnaby Wright

Paul Cézanne’s famous series of paintings of peasants playing cards has long been considered among his most important and powerful works. The image of seated peasants, still and seeming silent, concentrating on their game of cards, can be seen as the human counterpart to the landscapes of Cézanne’s home countryside, notably Montagne Sainte-Victoire, which held such iconic significance for him.

This catalogue accompanies a landmark exhibition at the Courtauld Gallery, London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, that will be the first to bring together the majority of these remarkable paintings alongside a magnificent group of Cézanne’s closely related portraits of Provençal peasants and rarely seen preparatory oil sketches and drawings.


The Courtauld Cézannes
Stephanie Buck
John House

The Courtauld Gallery holds the finest group of works by Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) in Britain. This is the catalogue to an exhibition showing the entire collection together for the first time, marking the culmination of The Courtauld Institute of Art’s 75th anniversary. The importance of the collection lies not only in its exceptionally high quality but also in its wide range, with seminal paintings and rarely seen drawings and watercolors from the major periods of the artist’s long career.

The collection includes such masterpieces as the iconic Montagne Sainte-Victoire, c. 1887 – one of the finest examples of Cézanne’s treatment of this subject – and Card Players, c. 1892–95, which show Cézanne working at the height of his powers. Through examination of such works, this book will chart the development of the artist’s revolutionary approach that would later see him acclaimed as the father of modern art.

Food Friday: Grilled Mushrooms with Garlic and Rosemary from Tapas


For this weeks Food Friday, we have a great recipe from Elisabeth Luard’s Tapas: Classic Small Dishes from Spain.

In this book, Elisabeth demonstrates how simple ingredients can be quickly transformed into mini feasts designed to delight the senses.

Elisabeth Luard is an award-winning food writer and a winner of the much coveted Glenfiddich Trophy and is one of the most highly respected cookery writers in Britain today. She is one of the leading authorities on European food and cooking.


On Elisabeth Luard, William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated writesL

“I think Elisabeth has the rare ability to communicate a passion and knowledge of food to the everyday cook. There are plenty of food obsessives out there, but not many who can communicate that obsession as well as she can. She brings a lifetime of knowledge to the average cook, and her writing uplifts people. You can’t help but like her. She’s a great figure in the food world that all of us love and admire.”

You can purchase your own copy of Tapas here. The eBook is also available from major retailers.

Try out this absolutely delicious recipe below at your next dinner party. It’s guaranteed to be a favorite!

Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled (broiled) mushrooms with garlic and rosemary – Click to enlarge

The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth I

On this day, 455 years ago, Elizabeth Tudor was crowned Queen Elizabeth I of England. The 25-year-old daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn went on to become one of the most powerful monarchs in British History.

File:Elizabeth I in coronation robes.jpg

Elizabeth I in her coronation robes, patterned with Tudor roses and trimmed with ermine.

When Elizabeth died in 1603, the reign of the Tudor House had also ended. Spanning five Monarchs – Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth I – the Tudor period had an immense impact on the religion, culture, and international relations of England.

Amberley Publishing has published a great array of titles covering all of the important players of the Tudor Era. We have gathered together some great titles from Amberley Publishing below as well as some more on our Pinterest board. Make sure to take a look at it here.

Food Friday: Harira from North African Cookery

Today we are sharing a fantastic – and delicious – soup recipe to keep you warm during these cold winter days.

9781908117304This recipe comes from Grub Street Publishing’s great book North African Cookery by Arto der Haroutunian.

In this book, Haroutunian takes adventurous cooks on a tour of the cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya in this comprehensive guide to North African food. There are over 300 recipes for traditional dishes such as tagines, stews, soups, and salads using classic ingredients such as fiery spices, jewel-like dried fruits, lemons, and armfuls of fresh herbs.

You can purchase your own copy of North African Cookery by visiting here.

Try out the recipe below and let us know how it turned out by leaving a comment or sending us a tweet @CasemateAthena. We hope you enjoy it!

Harira Soup Recipe

Harira Soup Recipe – click to enlarge

Unfixed: A solo exhibition by Meekyoung Shin

The upcoming week marks the final days of Unfixed: A solo exhibition by Meekyoung Shin at the Korean Cultural Center in London.  Ending January 18, this exhibit highlights the incredibly detailed sculptures made from soap.

photo courtesy of Anomie Publishing

photo courtesy of Anomie Publishing

This exhibit is not one to be missed. Fortunately, however, Anomie Publishing has produced a fantastic accompanying book titled Meekyoung Shin.

Meekyoung_Shin_cover_for_web6In this new release, curator Jonathan Watkins introduces Shin’s major bodies of work whilst capturing the cultural complexity, exquisite craftsmanship, conceptual elegance and natural wit embodied within them.

With essays from art scholars Ben Tufnell, Kyung An, and Jade Keunhye Lim, this publication sheds light on Shin’s major works Crouching Aphrodite (2002), Translation Series, and Written in Soap: A Plinth Project.

Illustrated with over fifty color and black and white images, this collaboration is a prefect addition to anyone’s library.

To order your own copy of Anomie Publishing’s Meekyoung Shin visit here.

The War of the Worlds

75 years ago, one of the most famous radio broadcasts – Orson Welles’ The War of the Worlds - hit the airwaves.

This 62-minute broadcast retold the story of H.G. Well’s novel by the same name through a simulated newscast of the events. However, while 6 million people heard the broadcast, around 2 million people genuinely believe it to be true.

Listen to the full broadcast below:

This broadcast resulted in mass panic across America. People ran into the streets screaming that the world was ending. Churches were emptied of their congregations, cinemas of their audiences, restaurants of their patrons. Panic-stricken families rushed to their cars and drove like lunatics in a bid to escape Martian annihilation.

Amberley Publishing has released a fantastic book called The Martians Are Coming!  This book tells the story of how the play came to be written, cast, rehearsed and broadcast to a credulous nation. Set against the background of America’s economic depression and rumbles of another world war coming from across the Atlantic, the book sets the historic broadcast in the context of how Americans were thinking and feeling on the night their world almost – but not quite – came to an end.

You can purchase your own copy here.

West Country to the World’s End

From RAMM, Exeter

Today marks the opening of The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition West Country to World’s End: the South West in the Tudor Age.

Exhibiting until March 2, 2014, this landmark exhibition explores the West Country in the age of the Tudors. Comprising loans from the Bodleian Library, British Library, British Museum, National Portrait Gallery, National Trust, Royal Collection, Royal Museums Greenwich, Victoria & Albert Museum and private lenders, it will present a compelling account of the remarkable contributions of individuals from the South West from 1540 to 1620.

9781907372520As an accompaniment to this exhibition, Paul Holberton Publishing has released a book also called West Country to World’s End: The South West in the Tudor Age. This book draws together paintings, artifacts and documents from galleries, museums, and record offices to tell the story of the South West and its people set against the backdrop of one of the most evocative periods in British history.

You can purchase your own copy of Paul Holberton’s new book here.