It is a truth universally acknowledged that a really good book is best when served with a nice cup of tea.*

I am looking into creating a tea and book lovers box subscription to share with the world. I am currently researching and looking into what would make the best options. Please bear with me whilst I am looking into this, and if you are interested please email: athenabooks99@gmail.com to keep in contact and join our subscriber list. Once I have the box subscription all set up, I can drop you an email to see if you are still interested.

To help me in my endeavour, if you have five minutes please fill in my survey:


In the meantime please check out my blog for all things crazy, a little bit of craft, some family time, random musings from a working mum and lots of tea and book inspiration check out My Butterfly Child blog (https://tinatacey.wordpress.com) or follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr.

*It doesn’t have to be tea! Coffee, hot chocolate or cake are also good options. It is just my humble opinion that tea is the best.